Hail Insurance Claims

Hail Insurance Claims
Hail Insurance Claims

It’€™s Your Hail Insurance Claim; You Should Get Paid for the Whole Thing!

If you’re in the midst of filing a hail insurance claim, you’re likely ready to accept a check from your insurance adjuster and move on. After all, filling out forms and living in a state of chaos is no fun. You want the stress to end and the ability to make the necessary repairs.

However, insurance companies don’t always pay you in full so it pays to take your time during this process. Remember that insurance companies are businesses, not non-profit organizations. They are in business to make money, not spread goodwill. This means that they have to make wise decisions, charge premiums for their service, and look for ways to minimize their losses.

Now, you have paid for your coverage through your premiums and you deserve to get the service that you paid for. Unfortunately, unless you are vigilant, you may not be fully reimbursed for your insurance losses.

This doesn’t mean that your insurance adjuster is out to get you or is dishonest, but it does mean that you have to be proactive. Insurance adjusters are often extremely busy and don’t take the time to thoroughly inspect your home for damage. You must insist on it. For example, if your home was battered in a hail storm, insist that the adjuster physically inspect the roof for hail damage or have a roofing company’s inspection report in hand detailing the recent hail damage found.

Keep in mind that the insurance adjuster’s estimates may be insufficient. The adjuster may authorize carpet cleaning after a pipe bursts in the home when in reality the carpet will need to be replaced. Another concern is when the insurance adjuster is unfamiliar with actual building costs in your area. In addition, adjusters often use software to calculate repairs. If these calculations were based on an incorrect entry, the results will be wrong. For example, if the adjuster meant to enter 100 square feet but accidentally entered just 10, the dollar amount calculated will be way too low.

Because of all of these factors alone, you must scrutinize every detail. Compare your insurance adjuster’s settlement offer with actual estimates. You may need to sit down and negotiate with the insurance company, pointing out mistakes, omissions, and estimates that are too low. This is not unreasonable, nor is it unexpected. However, very few homeowners are willing to take these actions. There’s no reason to be intimidated. So long as you have documentation and approach these negotiations professionally, you should be able to work with your insurance company and get paid for the whole thing.

Hail Insurance Questions:

How do I get an insurance adjuster to consider paying me the same amount they would a body shop?

I had recent hail damage on my car. It is paid off and older. I was considering taking the cash-out option on the insurance claim and putting the cash into repairs. I received 3 quotes from reputable body shops and they ranged from $2100 – $2400. Just came back from a meeting with the adjuster (All State) and they offered $1380. He told me if I wanted more, take it to a body shop and All State would pay the difference to the body shop. Why, if All State will pay the body shop $2100 to repair my car, will they not give me a check for $2100? I know darn well that I’ve given them more than that amount over the last 10-years as a policy holder! To make it even more pertinent – one of the quotes is from their ‘preferred’ body shops!

Can I appeal to the Texas Department of Insurance?

Thanks in advance for helping a consumer compete and win against BIG Insurance companies!


I’m sorry but you’re not going to get any help form the TX Dept of Insurance on this one. One of the basic premises of insurance is to cover damages or losses WITHOUT profit to the policyholder. Allstate is not doing anything wrong here and there is nothing for you to win. I’m pretty sure the state of Texas will tell you the same thing.

Thousands of people each spring  file hail damage claims – they have hail damaged cars that they have no intention of repairing. The policyholder figures they can make some easy cash, even though they are not entitled to do that.

The estimates that you received form the body shops included their profit. The body shop is permitted to profit from your damage, but not you. Allstate is offering you the lower figure because if you are not going to repair the car or are going to repair the hail damage yourself you are not permitted to make a profit.

I suggest you take the $1380 because this is one fight you’re not going to win. If you want you can call the TX dept of insurance at 1-800-578-4677 and talk to one of their investigators.

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